• Wamster globe
    Synchrophasor Wide Area Monitoring
    over a mobile network.
    Portable phasor measurement units.
    No dedicated networking infrastructure needed.
    No dedicated server equipment needed.
    Negligible deployment costs.
    Online since 2010.

Wamster Features at a Glance

Portable PMU devices

Lightweight, handheld PMUs with rechargeable battery backup for 5h of autonomy during blackouts and up to 32 GB of removable SD flash memory sufficient for storing up to 4.5 months of data locally.

GPRS/Ethernet IEEE C37.118 link

STER PMU devices can use a custom, optimized protocol for GPRS connections, or a standard IEEE C37.118 protocol for integration with existing or legacy PDC systems.

Deployment in 15 minutes

All the equipment necessary to deploy a STER PMU is included in a soft carrying bag. It takes only a couple of minutes to connect and setup the device and have synchrophasor data streaming towards the PDC.

Cloud data storage as a service

Infrastructure and on-site deployment costs are significantly reduced with the cloud data storage service. Additionally, custom communication protocol ensures that no data is ever lost.

Advanced web interface

Online web interface provides device statuses, real-time measurements, comparisons, historical data export and event-based triggering using any web enabled device, no plugins required.

Customization on request

Additional WAMSTER and STER PMU features and protocols are continuously implemented according to customer requests. All changes on the web interface are visible immediately and PMU firmware is updated remotely on distant locations.