With WAMSTER, there is no need to invest in additional PDC equipment or database servers. Data is transmitted to our backed-up servers and available immediately from any web enabled device.

Wamster provides a cloud storage solution for storing, analyzing and exporting measured data. It is ideal for quick on-site configurations, offline data analysis and comparison, custom triggered events as well as exporting and interfacing with other systems.

Online, web interface

Synchrophasor measurements are accessible from everywhere.

Online web interface allows quick overview of device statuses, historical views and data comparison, from anywhere. By strictly adhering to current web standards, Wamster is accessible from all modern browsers without the need for external plugins (Flash, Silverlight), as well as portable devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone).

Real time and historical comparison

Synchrophasor angles can be easily compared.

Web interface allows visualization of multiple synchrophasor measurements simultaneously, and relative comparisons of all quantities for real-time or historical data.

Event triggering system

Users can configure their own trigger rules and receive notifications.

User-defined processing rules and thresholds are used to detect events of interest. Users can also configure e-mail or SMS notification for individual events.

Remote device access

PMU device can be manipulated from the web.

Users can interact with the STER PMU device through the web interface in the same manner as if the device is locally present. Using the customized STER communication protocol, STER PMU can accept commands and send its screen contents to allow full remote control. This is especially useful if connection or wiring is misconfigured during commissioning, as it allows users to change all settings without the need to physically access the device.