WAMSTER technology in POSOCO, India

Two portable PMUs were installed at SUZLON's windfarm at Kaladungar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, one PMU at National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) Wind Turbine Test Station, Kayathar, Tamil Nadu and a dedicated WAMSTER server installed in Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO), New Delhi have been forming a dedicated WAMS since December 2015 as a part of a wind generation monitoring pilot project.

SterPMU devices and WAMSTER service can be utilized to easily expand existing WAMS to any node in the power system. In conjunction with IEEE C37.118 communication links towards a third-party PDC, WAMSTER can be considered as a wireless WAMS bridge between remote locations and the mainstream WAMS.

Wireless WAMS Bridge

WAMSTER server installed in POSOCO is used as a wireless bridge between PDC located in National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC), New Delhi and remote wind park in desert area of Rajasthan and a windmill testing facility in Tamil Nadu. Synchrophasors are received by WAMSTER server through GPRS network and are forwarded to NLDC PDC over IEEE C37.118 protocol.

Dual link with the POSOCO PDC server enables usage of the WAMSTER GUI for existing grid devices. The same protocol is used for acquiring synchrophasors measurements from the NLDC PDC into the WAMSTER system, originating at 400/220 kV Bassi substation. This allows authorized users to browse trends, detected events, waveforms and harmonics using the web interface.

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