STERPMU-Rp evaluation in 50Hertz

An evaluation of STERPMU-Rp device was successfully completed by 50Hertz.

STERPMU-Rp was installed in Hamburg Sud transmission substation from 05/10/2020 to 18/11/2020. During that period, a 400 kV line to Vattenfall Moorburg power plant was monitored. Moorburg is a double-block, hard-coal fired power plant comprising of two 820MW units A and B.

STERPMU-Rp evaluation in 50Hertz

The goal of the campaign was gaining PMU data for estimation of inertia parameters of 800 MW block B in Moorburg. The current project is a joint effort of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, coordinator Dr. René Suchantke; Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, coordinator prof. Johannes Schiffer; and STER.

STERPMU-Rp is a proven STERPMU hardware reshaped in a new smaller and compact design. An advanced GNSS receiver, LTE modem, C37.118 compliant RJ-45 Ethernet communication port and a battery backup are embedded with a PMU core in a 230 x 115 x 75 mm3 casing.

  • pmus in inertia estimation
  • generator parameter estimation
  • 50hertz